Free From Frumpy Feels

I have been gluten free for around a year now and it has completely changed my life. I was constantly feeling bloated after every meal and extremely sluggish and thought that there had to be some kind of explanation. I understand that all girls complain about being bloated but this was different to the ‘oh no I just ate a footlong sub, with a side of 24 nuggets and a large fries’ kinda bloated. I would have a small snack and still get the same feeling. I decided to investigate and cut out gluten from my diet completely, to see if there was any change in the way I was feeing and if there wasn’t, then I would cut out dairy etc…


After cutting it out for even a few weeks I felt a drastic change, my stomach flattened and I didn’t get the horrible pains I was getting before. If I ever eat gluten by mistake now, I can always tell what products have it and which don’t. Even though I haven’t gone to the doctor to check, it has changed my life completely not eating it and I’m extremely grateful I found out what was the problem! (To be tested, you have to eat gluten for a few months and then have a blood test.. I can’t hack eating it for that long, just to find out what I already know).

BTW i’m not saying that everyone should become gluten free and you will never have a bloated stomach again.. but for me personally, it’s really been life changing and if you’re feeling bloated/ tummy aces etc then maybe cut out different things as well, to see if it makes a difference or get tested!

I LOVE snacking, i’m way more of a snacker then I massive mealer <- lol

Here are some really yummy GLUTEN FREE snacks that I have tried and would recommend:

Products_SnacksSweetsUK_Milk Chocolate Nobbles_2015_0.jpg
I like eating these with pesto
Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I love popcorn
Yes pasta can be a snack


This is my fav flavour but tbh they are all yummy



3 thoughts on “Free From Frumpy Feels

  1. I also did this in 2014 and have never looked back. Also if you’re looking for any kind of bread, the schar range is the best by far. Check out my instagram page and you’ll see i posted a homemade vegan and gluten free chocolate cake which is the best cake I’ve ever made! No one could believe it was gluten free because of the reputation of gluten free food being dry. Eating out options are constantly getting better too, try the quinoa salad at Nandos and the superfood salad at Pizza Express.@mattshaw32


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