Free From Frumpy Feels

I have been gluten free for around a year now and it has completely changed my life. I was constantly feeling bloated after every meal and extremely sluggish and thought that there had to be some kind of explanation. I understand that all girls complain about being bloated but this was different to the ‘oh no I just ate a footlong sub, with a side of 24 nuggets and a large fries’ kinda bloated. I would have a small snack and still get the same feeling. I decided to investigate and cut out gluten from my diet completely, to see if there was any change in the way I was feeing and if there wasn’t, then I would cut out dairy etc…


After cutting it out for even a few weeks I felt a drastic change, my stomach flattened and I didn’t get the horrible pains I was getting before. If I ever eat gluten by mistake now, I can always tell what products have it and which don’t. Even though I haven’t gone to the doctor to check, it has changed my life completely not eating it and I’m extremely grateful I found out what was the problem! (To be tested, you have to eat gluten for a few months and then have a blood test.. I can’t hack eating it for that long, just to find out what I already know).

BTW i’m not saying that everyone should become gluten free and you will never have a bloated stomach again.. but for me personally, it’s really been life changing and if you’re feeling bloated/ tummy aces etc then maybe cut out different things as well, to see if it makes a difference or get tested!

I LOVE snacking, i’m way more of a snacker then I massive mealer <- lol

Here are some really yummy GLUTEN FREE snacks that I have tried and would recommend:

Products_SnacksSweetsUK_Milk Chocolate Nobbles_2015_0.jpg
I like eating these with pesto
Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I love popcorn
Yes pasta can be a snack


This is my fav flavour but tbh they are all yummy



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