What the work was like at VCU

University work in Richmond was a lot different to how it is for me in England. The classes were packed with information that if you missed a lesson, you would be really behind or completely clueless to what you had to do. The system was similar to how school is, where you get work for your different subjects and then have to hand it in the following lesson or week. I haven’t had this structure in yeaaaaars so it came as quite a shock for me and made me stuggle at the beginning. The fast pace and multiple, more in depth subjects 100% benefited me and pushed me to learn and work faster. At the time I was stressed out my mind and kept thinking I was going to fail but luckily with some serious late nights and living in the studio, I managed to pull through with A B B B. I was happy with these results because on top of the different teaching strategies, I was adapting to a completely new place, new people, new everything and also had to complete work for UWE on top of everything in America.

The teachers and students in my classes or that I spoke to, were all so lovely. I never felt like I couldn’t ask for help and every time I did someone was always willing to help me. I liked how all four of my teachers, were all really different from each other, so I didn’t learn design from just one perspective. They each had there own style that they could bring to the table.

Another thing that I was unaware of was that attendance is a percentage of your final grade and if you miss to many classes, then you fail the class. This is obviously something that’s very different to an English University. 

At the beginning and the end of my exchange, I had fun and tried to explore Richmond as much as I could but unfortunately with the high level of work I had, I was unable to visit certain museums and other tourist attractions that I wanted to go to. But I heard all good things from people who went to them! 

Ps- facemasks and pizza really helped me destress ๐Ÿ’†๐Ÿผ 


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