Now that I’m back

So i’ve been back in London for around 4 weeks now and I feel like being on study abroad was all a dream. The fast paced London life has kept me very busy and didn’t give me time to properly think about my experience until now. Theres things that I still need to adjust to! I keep going to the gym in England thinking I can lift a lot heavier weights then I actually can because Americans have their weights in pounds not kg. I’ve tried to get into Ubers the wrong side of the car and have used American versions of words like ‘elevator’ instead of ‘lift’. I find all these things strange because I didn’t think being away would have effected how I do things in my normal life.

Even though I was super excited for the food at home, I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss going on a midnight walk to 7eleven to get some salt and vinegar lays ‘chips’  with my roommate (best CRISPS ever).

From having gone on exchange knowing no one, its nice to know that I will be going back to University in September having shared the same experience with four others who I met out there. It feels weird having to have gone across the world to meet people who go to the same University as me!

I’m extremely grateful that I was able to do such a thing. I feel like the overall experience was beneficial to me in many ways. I have improved in a number of places in my course. I have become more fluent in softwares, model making and overall performance. I want to go travelling after University and America if 100% on the list of places I want to explore more. If you haven’t been GGOOOO! The people were so friendly, the weather was amazing and the overall atmosphere is something I would 100% recommend to someone else!

some memories-

  • Taking a suitcase with me to do a food shop so I didn’t have to carry heavy bags.
  • Not being able to breath because one of my flatmates would use some intense spices in her cooking.
  • Being nocturnal because I had so much work.
  • My friend getting rushed on a buggy to the med tent because she had to much alcohol in the heat at Coachella.
  • Coachella in general like wow.
  • New York shopping till 2am.
  • All just drinking in each others rooms.
  • Going to Belle Isle when it was hot and sunbathing on the rocks.
  • Going on random adventures with my roommate where something weird would always happen.
  • Me spilling wax all over the kitchen that was IMPOSSIBLE TO GET OFF (sorry) ha

Theres to many to write, the list goes on but if your reading this and considering doing what i did GO GO GO x




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