I have heard and seen SO much about Coachella music festival and was fortunately, lucky enough to be able to go this year! So… is it as amazing as everyone makes it out to be? It really was, BUT there were definitely some cons that people don’t really speak about. One con would be the amount of dust. When you get your tickets for Coachella they send you a guide and a list of things to bring. On that, was a bandana. I thought this was over dramatic, as I never saw anyone in pictures having to wear a bandana, to be able to breath properly. Later on I found out that this was a serious necessity, after all you forget you are in a desert. It’s also around 40 degrees, so when ur drinking in the day YOU HAVE TO STAY HYDRATED. My friend found this out when it was too late and had to get driven off Β to the medical tent.πŸ˜‘

When it came to what to wear, I personally wore minimal clothing, but some people made some serious commitments to outfit choices and must have been baking in trousers and long sleeved tops. Even though there were loads of people in crazy cool outfits, there was also a lot of people in basic everyday clothes, so you can seriously wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

The scenery was absolutely beautiful and my phone camera couldn’t quite capture the amazingness ( I know that’s not a word) of it all. The food was a lot nicer than other festivals I have gone to and had options for every kind of eating diet you could think of i.e. Veggies, the carnivores, vegans, gluten free, dairy free the list goes on….

Camping: I camped at the festival and stayed in the ‘Eldorado’ camp site. This was a private campsite where only people staying there could enter. It had a large lake situated in the middle, surrounded with tepees. We also had our own showers and toilets which was nice as I would always see a humongous line for the normal camp site.

The music: Was so much fun, all the artists I saw made no mistakes! Some of the ones I saw were Kendrick L, Griffin, Travis S, Tove Lo, Stormzy, the list goes on…. I’m excited to see who the line up will be next year!

I would definitely recommend this festival and shall be returning in the future!

Here is a list of things that I would 100% bring if you’re thinking about going to Coachella!

– Sunglasses

– Bandana πŸ™„

– Hat

– Comfortable shoes that cover your toes

– Suncream

If you camping: baby wipes, bug repellent, eyemask, hand sanitiser, flip flops for shower, towel, oh and like clothes and underwear duuuh.


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