The Opposite House Project

The Opposite House is a poem book. The author Claudia Emerson wrote it on her death bed. The poems have a theme of being very sad and depressing. Our task for this project, was to create a room for our poem that we were given. Each student in the class had a different poem from everyone else. As well as designing our 18’x12′ space, we had to collaborate with our neighbour’s poems. My individual poem was called ‘Torch’ (poem shown below). Our space had windows on either side looking into someone else’s room.

 The person on my left’s poem,  had a prominent red light in her poem. Because of this, I decided to let her light beam into mine, as I felt this complimented my mood. Emerson reminisces in her poem about the past, because of this I chose to have photo frames stacked, blocking the incoming light from the windows. By doing this, it creates an enclosed environment, which would make the viewer feel uncomfortable. Poem.jpgScreen Shot 2017-05-16 at 04.16.03.pngRoom design .jpg1 visuial .jpgScreen Shot 2017-05-16 at 04.19.44.png


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