My Overview of VCU

Mu VCU experience has almost come to an end. As I look back at my experience,  the thought of going back to England is really strange. Im half excited but I’m also not wanting to leave. This is the longest i’ve been away before. My schedule has been so busy that I haven’t had time to think. The second I get home  I’m properly going to pass out for 24 hours from exhaustion. I’ve had to get used to a completely new environment, meet new people, adapted to different teaching strategies, program myself to keep up with the weekly deadlines, visit new places,  share a room, eat different food and to of course have fun! I’m so grateful to have met all the people I’ve become friends with. They’ve all been amazing and I know i’ll definitely be seeing them again at some point.

Studying abroad is something that I always liked the idea of but never actually thought i’d end up doing it. The way classes were taught were extremely different. In the UK I’m used to a large project where you would work up to the deadline and have a month or so to do it. In the states,  I was getting deadlines and crits on a weekly basis, which was a shock to my system. I hadn’t had that kind of structure since I was in school. At times I was so over tired, I once tried to open my front door with my memory stick..I was getting in at 4.30am some nights, which was strange because I would be up later then my friends who were going clubbing. In all four of my classes I have learnt a ridiculous amount. As much as I hated the intensity at times, when I look back it has 100% pushed me in the right direction. To say that i’ve been able to study at two Universities over seas from each other, is a great achievement and is something I’ll never forget. Even though I have had a CRAZZZZY amount of work from both VCU and UWE I have managed to go to Coachella which is a music festival I have always wanted to go to, visit New York, Washington, Belle Isle which is an island of Richmond,  go to a basketball game and in general live a typical American college life!

Here are some photos!

18341879_10212439289367100_1445141456716380665_n.jpgIMG_7134 2.JPGIMG_7133 2.JPGIMG_7135 2.JPGIMG_7130 2.PNGIMG_7137 2.JPGIMG_7139 2.PNGIMG_7148 2.JPG18342063_10212439287247047_7337998940353648769_n.jpg18238551_10212383716257807_410103562495783995_o-1.jpgIMG_7132 2.JPG18446655_10212468844265954_2936343331782771186_n.jpg18402610_10212439286127019_1102408776921243629_n.jpg18341701_10212439284326974_4878798063804351006_n.jpg18341845_10212439284406976_1379167173174375348_n.jpgIMG_7151 2.JPGIMG_7142 2.JPG


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