Multi Media Assessment

For this assessment we had to find a 1 point perspective photo of an existing place, mine being a room in a New York hotel. We  then had to render it through Photoshop and hand drawn imagery. The three renderings all had to have different mediums but still include a Photoshop edit. One was watercolour, another was wireframe (pen) and the final one was marker. Doing this created different textures and colours that manipulated the space into something new.  Below are my final renderings:



Here are some of the images I used to contribute to my renderings-4f2fc32490011d085a758546429f91d8.jpg190c891733f11e8c378415866ae26495.jpg0235590284b6ee1cfc176330e40abb86.jpg

Here is my water colour and marker drawing that I started off with:



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