Bramley and Gage project

The first project of my second year at University, was to develop The Lanes in Bristol. The Lanes is currently a bowling alley and bar. It’s located in the centre of Bristol making the site easy to get to by walking, public transport or driving. The site is surrounded by other buildings which makes it fairly dark inside. Taking this into consideration and doing a thorough site analysis, I then began to do brand research. We were given a selection of brands ranging from clothing, shoes, knives, bikes, oars and alcohol. I looked into all of the brands but I felt that Bramley and Gage (a gin and liquor brand) caught my eye the most. After doing my research, I found out that the brand is a family run business, which produces high quality, award winning beverages. A requirement for this project, was that our space had to sell the product but also provide the customer with some kind of experience. The idea I came up with, was to have a store with a secret bar. Considering the existing space is already a bar, I felt like this was an idea I wanted to push, to see where it could take me. I drew out many plans and played around with layouts, to see how it could work. I struggled at first with the initial shape of the space, as it’s very long and the ideas I was coming up with needed a more symmetrical space. Even though having a secret bar was an experience in itself I wanted more. The space for me had to be something everyone wanted to find and be apart of. I tried to think of what I would want to experience and how I would want to feel. By doing this I looked more into detail about how people would find this secret bar.. and that’s when it started coming together. I created a wall which showcased their 6’o’clock gin repeatedly on glass shelving, with a waterfall placed in the middle. The 6’o’clock gin bottles have a large ‘6’ on them which is very visible. I decided to have one bottle with a ‘9’ on the casing instead, which would confuse people and draw them in, to pick the bottle up. Once someone tries to do so, the bottle would act as a lever and split the water from the waterfall in half, creating a walkway into the secret bar. Once entering the secret bar, there is luxurious seating and staff to help you with anything you need. Across the room is a conveyor belt which serves fresh deserts, that are made with the Bramley and Gage liquors. Outside are comfortable sheltered pods with heaters to accompany the beautiful British weather. After walking though a corridor accompanied by two waterfalls on either side, you would reach a gin distillery to view how gin is made and can read about the deeper parts of the brand. The distillery would also be visible through a window behind the cashiers desk, which would create mystery and make people question where it was situated. Below are some images to help you visualise my design.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 23.33.57.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-04 at 23.34.25.pngscenes around the site.jpgviews in site.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 23.36.21.png
Existing plan

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 23.37.48.pngclubs map.jpgPRINT VISIAL.jpg


how do u find the bar.jpgbespoke piece.jpgmaterials .jpgindustrial box .jpgDSCN8414 copy.jpg


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