Work hard, play hard

From the second I stepped of the plane in America, I haven’t stopped. This experience so far, has challenged me in many ways. The work deadlines every week wasn’t something I was used to.  Besides that,  I feel like I have learnt a lot and would definitely recommend an Interior Design student to do this experience (just be prepared for the overload of work it can get overwhelming). Finding a balance of working hard and having fun is a MUST. If you’re all work and no play, you would probably go insane…

If you are thinking about doing exchange, I highly recommend it. This is why-

  1. Live somewhere new.
  2. Meet new people.
  3. Experience a different culture.
  4. Become more independent.
  5. Appreciate the small things back home.
  6. Learn.
  7. Removes the ‘what if’ question.
  8. DO IT.

Here are some photos of complete work and work in progress- (Shall be taking more photos of my work at a later date).

IMG_3785.JPGIMG_1529.JPGred light page.jpgIMG_1373.JPGIMG_4273.JPGScreen Shot 2017-04-04 at 13.32.55.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 20.14.42.png
Sketch up work- Drawing our dorms.




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