The city that never sleeps

New York, New York. If you’ve never been before,then GO. I went in spring break, with a few friends and had an amazing time! This was my second time in NYC and I still haven’t been able to do everything. I love the fast pace.. most likely because it reminds me of home (London). Theres anything and everything. Here are some of the places I would recommend-

Rockefeller 360 bar– If you’re looking for a phenomenal view and a romantic setting then this is definitely the place for you. They have amazing cocktails and great service… what more could you want.

Empire State Building– It’s a must. (The featured image was taken from there).

Times square– Busy, great for late night shopping, some of the shops stay open till 2AM!!!

DO cookie dough– A fan of cookie dough? Apparently most of the population is because DO cookie dough have a line 24/7, so long that they have to queue on the other side of the street. (They do gluten free as well).

Carmine’s– MASSIVE portions of food (family style). reaaaaallly good.

Paramount Hotel– Where we stayed was very modern, in times square, amazing location.

The Met Museum– If you’re into culture, contemporary art etc.










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