One for Jamie Oliver

I am in absolute shock at the excessive amount of unhealthy food in Richmond. I can’t get over it. How is it even allowed!? From the supermarkets, to the malls, to general restaurants around the University, if you’re looking for E produces and full fat grease, you wont have to walk far. I personally eat relatively healthy and don’t eat gluten, so for me when I first got here, I could only eat if I made my own food. THANKFULLY Cava has opened in the last week, which is healthy salad, chicken, rice bowls. The people who work there have already picked up on the fact I’ve been going everyday… ha.
Before I came to VCU, I was reading a blog post that a guy did, about coming the year before me. I remember him saying how the quantity of unhealthy food everyone ate made him feel sick. This made me laugh, as I started to understand what he was talking about when I got here.
Attached to this post, is a selection of ‘food’. For some reason you might think it looks appetising.. have a scroll.

8g protein! Fantastic, exactly what I would eat after the gym..not.
Just no.
‘sick face emoji’



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