So i’ve been lucky enough to turn 21 in America! I felt like a kid again being restricted from doing certain things. it’s definitely been nice to gain my freedom back. One of the first things I did was try to buy alcohol.. because why not. Even though my friend and I had to go to two shops, they didn’t accept my driving  licences, so had to go back and get my passport AND my card and my friends card got declined, it was worth it :’D


I can’t describe how lucky I have been with my roommate/flatmates! They have been amazing and I clicked with them straight away. I have had problems with people I have lived with in the past, so its been a breath of fresh air for me. For my birthday they decorated our flat with balloons and other colourful decorations, as well as buying me some really nice jewellery and if that couldn’t be enough they also made me a gluten free chocolate cake :O which was so yummy, I was eating it for breakfast the next few days!

If you’re ever in Richmond I would recommend going to the Lemaire Restaurant in the Jefferson Hotel. The food was amazing, as well as the service.


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