My adventure begins

My adventure begins! I have officially been in the US for nearly a week now, which sounds crazy to me how fast its going already! It shouldn’t do but it has shocked me how polite everyone is here! Passers by will greet you like a friend, rather then staring at their iPhones, bumping into you… makes a nice change.

Even though my classes don’t start till tomorrow, I have already explored the VCU campus. Its huge and is right in the middle of Richmond. The bright yellow and black VCU merchandise is seen on ever other person. It is sold everywhere, even in Victoria’s Secret!!! (I’ll be coming back to England with the full gear, I’m sure).

I am lucky enough to have met students that started earlier then I did from UWE. They took a large group of us to Belle Isle, which is a little island of Richmond. It’s somewhere I would definitely visit again, in the summer period.


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