Bloating Buster 💪🏽

‘Omggggg I’m so bloated’ is probably said at least 100000000 times A day. I would say I’m quite sensitive to bloating and so I’ve experimented with different ingredients, to see what can help! I have actually invented a de-bloating drink 😏 which I’m pretty proud of, as I have never seen it before and works for me! You will need– 1. Blender 2. Prunes that … Continue reading Bloating Buster 💪🏽

Festival survival kit

It’s festival season!!!!! I’ve been to uncountable amount of festivals in multiple countries, so have decided to do the ultimate survive blog post for those newbies, or those who struggle to bring the correct things! Depending what festival you’re going to, the essentials will change but I’m going to do this post on a typical English festival, as I have just been to one a … Continue reading Festival survival kit